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Reversal on February Climate Outlook

Reversal on February Climate Outlook:

On the last day of January, the NOAA-CPC revised its outlook for February for Minnesota, calling for warmer than normal temperatures, a complete reversal from their earlier outlook. This clearly follows the trend of the last year and a half. It appears that the second half of February will more than offset the cold temperatures of the next several days. In addition the outlook calls for a wetter than normal month of February.

Remarkable streak of above normal temperatures in the Twin Cities:

According to Kenny Blumenfeld of the DNR-State Climatology Office and Michelle Margraf of the NOAA-National Weather Service in Chanhassen the warm temperature anomaly in the Twin Cities from September of 2015 through January of 2017 is without precedent......17 consecutive months of above normal temperature surpasses the streaks of 16 months during 2011-2012, and 15 months during 2005-2006 and 1920-1921.