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Record Warm Max/Min Temperatures on June 20-21

Record Warm Max/Min Temperatures on June 20-21: The National Weather Service Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories that blanketed the state on June 20th this week certainly were validated by the climate data. With dew points in the upper 60s to low 70s F and air temperatures from the mid 90s F to slightly over 100°F, Heat Index Values soared, ranging from 100°F to 110°F in places. There were at least 17 daily high maximum temperature records set or tied within the state climate network. Some of these included: 102°F at Crookston 101°F at MSP and St Cloud 100°F at Benson and Browns Valley 99°F at Milan and Wheaton 98°F at Melrose 97°F at Red Lake Falls and Gaylord 96°F at Brainerd 95°F at Walker The Minnesota DNR State Climatology Office provided a more detailed analysis of these warm and recording setting temperatures as well. In addition, the high dew points held up the overnight minimum temperature values, many of which set records for warmth. Within the state climate net

Expected Turn Around in Weather Pattern

Expected Turn Around in Weather Pattern: Although the first two weeks of June generally brought cooler than normal temperatures to Minnesota, following a dominant pattern of previous months, it appears that an abrupt turn around is about to occur. The first phase of this was the short-lived pulse of very warm and humid air that dominated the state this week on Tuesday (June 14). At least 60 climate stations reported afternoon high temperatures in the 90s F. Some even reported record highs for the date, including: Theilman (Wabasha County) with 99°F St Cloud, Caledonia, and Minnesota City with 95°F La Crescent (Winona County) with 94°F Brainerd with 91°F Dew points climbed into the upper 60s and low 70s F pushing Heat Index Values from 98°F to 103°F, as the National Weather Service issued Heat Advisories for many counties. It definitely looks like more of this pattern will visit us beginning this weekend. Most of the NOAA Outlook Models suggest a warmer than normal weather patte

June Starts Cool and Dry

June Starts Cool and Dry: With vivid memories of last June (2021) which was the 3rd warmest in state history, Minnesota citizens have been somewhat surprised to witness the first 9 days of this June with average temperatures that are 2 to 5 degrees F cooler than normal. So far climate stations in Tower, Cotton, Brimson, Embarrass, and Hibbing have reported frosts this month, while many other locations in Minnesota have reported some lows in the 30s F as well. With the cooler temperatures, Minnesota crops are emerging and growing at a slower pace than normal. Hopefully with warmer than normal temperatures expected for the second half of the month, crop growth and development may catch up to near normal pace by the July 4th holiday. Most climate stations are reporting less than normal rainfall for the month so far. Some areas of west-central and northwestern Minnesota have only reported a trace (Warroad, Browns Valley, and Baudette for example), while a few spots in southeastern count