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Climate Summary for May of 2023

Climate Summary for May of 2023: On a statewide basis May of 2023 was the 6th warmest in history back to 1895. It was the second warmest May in history for portions of the Red River Valley (northwestern MN), and the 4th warmest for the western thumb area of the state (Big Stone and Traverse Counties). At least 15 climate stations reported a day to wo with 90°F or greater. Most climate stations reported a mean monthly temperature that was 3°F to 7°F above normal. With the statewide climate network there were 5 record daily high temperatures reported and 24 record daily warm minimum temperatures reported. Extremes for the month ranged from 18°F at Eveleth (St Louis County) on the 3rd, and 93°F at Red Wing Dam (Goodhue County) on the 24th. Most of the rainfall in May came during the first two weeks, and much heavier in the southern counties than the rest of the state. During those first two weeks there were 27 daily record rainfall values reported. For the second half of May, rainf
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Persistent Warm Up in Store

Persistent Warm-Up in Store: It appears that after near normal temperatures this week a persistent warming pattern will prevail deep into June. On Tuesday, May 23 Morris, Elbow Lake, Madison, and Moorhead all hit an afternoon high temperature of 90°F, the first reports of 90°F temperature since April 12-13. With the strong warming trend starting this weekend, I am sure more 90°F temperatures will be on the way over the next couple of weeks, promoting much more rapid growth of crops in agricultural fields, and garden crops as well. Be sure to pay attention to watering the garden as the outlook favors drier than normal weather over the next two weeks as well. Up on the Roof: During the infancy of the National Weather Service in the late 19th century, observational networks were established and maintained by the U.S. Army Signal Service. Guidelines were quite stringent for locating instruments in suitable exposures, maintaining and calibrating instruments and filing reports. Failure