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July Heat Continues

July Heat Continues: The hot temperatures of July 4th weekend have persisted throughout the first 8 days of July. Most climate stations are reporting an average July temperature so far that ranges from 5 to 8 degrees F above normal. This is the warmest start to July since 2012 and among the ten warmest historically on a statewide basis. Generally, overnight minimum temperatures have been above normal to a greater degree than the daytime maximum temperatures. About 90 percent of all climate stations in the state have reported at least one day with 90°F or higher temperatures this month so far, including notoriously cooler places like International Falls, Gunflint Lake, and Ely. Many areas of the state have seen overnight minimum temperatures remain in the 70s F thanks to the very high dew points.

Most of the heat has not been record setting, but within the Minnesota statewide climate network there have been some reports of daily record temperature values. Seventeen climate stat…
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July Starts Hot With Rain in Western Counties

July Starts Hot With Rain in Western Counties: The warmer than normal pattern of June carried over into the start of July, coupled with 70°F dew point readings. Many areas of the state reported daytime highs on July 1st that were in the upper 80s F to low 90s F. But when combined with the dew points over 70 degrees F the Heat Index values ranged from the upper 90s F to 102 degrees F in places. With the high dew points many overnight minimum temperatures remained in the 70s F. At least 35 climate stations reported daytime high temperatures in the 90s F on July 2nd. These warmer than normal temperatures are expected to persist through the entire first half of July.

Thunderstorms pushed into western Minnesota out of the Dakotas on July 1st bringing rainfall amounts from a half inch to over two inches. For some areas the rainfall was record-setting, including 2.72 inches at Karlstad (Kittson County), 2.54 inches at Crookston (Polk County), and 2.07 inches at Warren (Marshall Count…

Preliminary Climate Summary for June 2020

Preliminary Climate Summary for June 2020:
With just four days left in the month, we can summarize the climate for the month of June: very warm; and very mixed rainfall amounts.

On a statewide basis this June is the warmest since 1995 and either the 7th or 8th warmest in state history back to 1895, with a mean monthly temperature near 68°F Within the Minnesota climate network 75 daily maximum temperature records were tied or set this month, along with 66 records tied or broken for warm overnight minimum temperatures, including 77° at Milan and Canby on June 8th. Average temperature for the month ranged from 3 to 5 degrees F above normal. Extremes for the month ranged from 102°F at Granite Falls (Yellow Medicine County) on June 7th to 29°F at Cotton (St Louis County) and Seagull Lake (Cook County) on June 13th.

Rainfall for the month was highly variable. In the northwest and southeast counties many climate stations reported well above normal rainfall amounts ranging from 6-9 inche…