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Climate Summary for November

Climate Summary for November: Warm and dry describe the climate for Minnesota during this November. The statewide average temperature for the month (nearly 33.5°F) falls within the warmest 15 Novembers in history (back to 1895), while the statewide average precipitation for the month (around 0.38 inches) falls within the driest 12 Novembers historically. Approximately two-thirds of the days were warmer than normal. Within the Minnesota climate station network average November temperatures ranged from 2°F to 5°F above normal, with larger departures in northern sections of the state. Statewide extremes included 70°F at Hastings Dam (Dakota County) on November 16th, and -11°F at Celina (St Louis County) on November 28th. During the warm spells of weather at mid-month 35 daily maximum temperature records were tied or set, including 69°F at MSP on the 16th. In addition, 10 warm daily minimum temperature records were tied or set. Minnesota reported the lowest temperature in the 48 contig
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Comments on the month of November

  A WISH FOR A HAPPY, SAFE, AND COMFORTABLE THANKSGIVING WEEKEND FOR MINNESOTA WEATHERTALK READERS (what follows is an abbreviated version of the blog for the holiday) Comments on the Month of November: It appears that this November will wrap up with colder than normal temperatures and a little snow during the last week of the month. This is unlikely to offset the warm and dry trends established during the first three weeks of the month. For the month today, average temperatures are running from 4°F to 7°F above normal and statewide average total precipitation is only between 3 tenths and 4 tenths of an inch. It is probable that this November will end up among the 25 warmest historically, as well as among the 25 driest historically. In fact, for some southern counties, it could end up among the driest 10 in history. I will report more detail in next week’s blog. Prairie and forest fires were common occurrences during the 19th Century in Minnesota. Soldiers at old Ft Snelling routi