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Year-to-Date Climate Synopsis

Year-to-Date Climate Synopsis: If we could just freeze time for a moment and take a snapshot of Minnesota’s Year-to-Date climate signature, here is what it shows: For the first 9 months of 2021 the statewide mean temperature for Minnesota has been running over 2°F above normal, ranking as the 5th warmest in history back to 1895. So far 8 of the 9 months in 2021 have brought higher than normal statewide mean temperatures. The only colder than normal month was February, which brought many days of Arctic Chill. With the Drought in play most of the year, the statewide average precipitation for the first 9-months is just under 18 inches, ranking as the 10th driest in state history back to 1895. So far 5 of the 9 months have brought less than normal statewide average precipitation, with the peak of the dryness occurring in the May through July period. Many areas saw lengthy periods during the growing season without any measurable rainfall, including Hallock (Kittson County) which went 23

First Half of September: Warm and Highly Variable Rainfall

First Half of September: Warm and Highly Variable Rainfall Following the 2nd hottest summer in state history, it should not be surprising that temperatures have been above normal during the first half of September, though only modestly by 1 to 3 degrees F. A few places in the state have reported 80°F or higher on two or three days, while Thursday, September 16th brought the first 90°F readings of the month. On Thursday at least 18 climate stations reported a high temperature of 90°F or higher, topped by 95°F at Milan (Chippewa County). A few places like Embarrass, Brimson, and Hibbing have reported frost already this month, but frost has been absent across most of the state. Rainfall so far in September has been surplus in many western counties, including Pipestone, Stevens, Traverse, Grant, and Lac Qui Parle, all of which have recorded over 2 inches so far. But much of the state is only near normal or below normal in rainfall so far. The big rainfall event for some was on September 3r