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Preliminary June Climate Summary

Preliminary June Climate Summary With the exception of a few northeastern Minnesota counties, June was warmer than normal, ranging from 2 to 5 degrees F above normal. Extremes ranged from 99°F at Marshall (Lyon County) on June 6th (which may be surpassed today, June 29), to 30°F at Brimson (St Louis County) on June 5th. During this warm June, at least 32 daily high temperature records were broken or tied while 51 daily warm minimum temperature records were broken or tied within the state climate network. In addition a number of days brought Heat Index values ranging from 95 degrees F to 105 degrees F due to record or near record high dew points. On Friday, June 29 dew points ranged throughout the 70s F and produced Heat Index Values that ranged up to 110 degrees F, making for the hottest of days across southern Minnesota. On a statewide basis June of 2018 will rank among the warmest 10 historically. For the Twin Cities June 2018 will probably rank just outside the warmest 10 hi

Wet, Warm June Continues

Wet, Warm June Continues: Despite the recent moderation, temperatures are continuing to average above normal this month. So far this June ranks among the 20 warmest historically on a statewide basis. Last week over Father’s Day weekend many Minnesota climate stations reported record high temperatures. Among those seeing record highs on June 15th were: MSP with 95°F, Amboy with 95°F, Granite Falls with 96°F, and Minnesota City with 91°F. For Saturday, June 16th a few more high temperature records were set, including 97°F at Marshall, 95°F at St James, 94°F at Redwood Falls and Rosemount, and 93°F at Wells and Owatonna. Sunday, June 17th brought a couple of more record highs as well with 92°F at Amboy and 91°F at Redwood Falls. Record high dew points were abundant over Father’s Day weekend as well, ranging from the low to upper 70s F. Thanks to the high water vapor content, the Heat Index values across many parts of southern Minnesota soared and ranged from 95°F to 103°F. MSP

Some Perspectives on June Heat

Some Perspectives on June Heat: On a statewide basis 14 of the past 20 Junes have been warmer than normal, four of them ranking among the 20 warmest in state history. For the Twin Cities June usually brings 2-3 days with temperatures of 90 degrees F or greater. In some areas of northeastern Minnesota June rarely brings a 90 F day, while in western portions of the state 3-4 days of 90 F temperatures are common. In the Twin Cities June Heat Waves of two-days duration or longer with a Heat Index Value of 95 degrees F or higher, occur about once every four years. The last prolonged June Heat Wave was in 2001 when Heat Index Values of 95 degrees F or greater were measure for five consecutive days. During June of 1931 there were 7 days with a Heat Index Value of 95 F or higher. Though we have not seen 90 degrees F this month in the Twin Cities, looks like this Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be our first dose of June Heat with 90 F temperatures and dew points approaching 70 degrees

June off to a mixed start

June off to a mixed start Following a near historic warm May (4th warmest in state history), through the first week of June the pattern of temperature across Minnesota is mixed with near normal or cooler than normal temperatures dominating northern counties and above normal temperatures prevalent across the central and southern counties. Fifteen climate stations in the south have already seen 90 degrees F or higher this month, topped by 99°F at Marshall. In the north as per usual Brimson, Embarrass, and Hibbing have reported frosty mornings in June with some temperatures below 32 degrees F. Of course bear in mind that those places in Minnesota have reported below freezing temperatures in every month of the year. From the standpoint of moisture many northern parts of the state have already measured from 1 to 2 inches of rainfall in June, and a few places over two inches. Some parts of southeastern Minnesota which were very wet in May have seen little precipitation so far, w

May Climate Summary

May 2018 Climate Summary: After recording the second coldest April in state history (trailing only 1950), May took off in the opposite direction to finish as the third warmest in state (trailing only 1977 and 1934). In fact for the Twin Cities back to 1873 May of 2018 was the 2nd warmest in history (mean temperature 67.8°F in 2018 compared to 68.7°F in May of 1934). Most climate observers reported a mean monthly temperature for May that was 5 to 8 degrees F warmer than normal. Over 60 percent of the state landscape saw at least one day with a temperature of 90 degrees F or higher, while at least 15 communities recorded a maximum temperature of 100 degrees F or warmer, topped by 102 degrees F at Amboy (Blue Earth County) and Madison (Lac Qui Parle County) on the 28th. In fact places in Minnesota were hotter than Tucson or Phoenix, Arizona on May 28th, an unusual occurrence historically. MSP for the first time reported six consecutive days in May with 90 F temperatures or greater