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Preliminary Climate Summary for April 2021

Preliminary Climate Summary for April 2021: The mean monthly temperature for April turned out to be very close to normal in most places. The number of days that brought above normal temperatures were equal to the number of days that brought below normal temperatures in most places. Extremes ranged from 88°F on the 5th at Redwood Falls, Granite Falls, and Lamberton to a low of zero degrees F at Cotton (St Louis County) on the 2nd. The first week of the month brought some record-setting warm days as 63 climate stations reported tying or setting daily maximum temperature records. Several locations reported a daytime high in the 80s F. In addition, 71 climate stations reported tying or setting records for warm overnight low temperatures, including an extremely warm overnight low of 57°F at Austin on the 7th. Conversely, Long Prairie set a new daily record cold maximum temperature reading on April 14th with an afternoon high of only 30°F. Precipitation for April was above normal in m

Rollercoaster Temperatures and Staying Wet

Rollercoaster Temperatures and Staying Wet: After seeing temperatures in the 80s F back on April 5-6, daytime high temperatures this week were generally in the 30s and 40s F across much of the state, with overnight lows in the teens and twenties. This translates to about 12 to 15 degrees F colder than normal. In some areas of the state new record low temperatures were established on April 21 and 22. Among those set on April 21 were: Caledonia 22°F St Cloud 21°F Redwood Falls 20°F Zumbrota 19°F Browns Valley 18°F Madison 17°F Grand Portage and Preston 16°F Pipestone 12°F  Then on April 22nd a few more record lows were: Browns Valley 19°F Long Prairie 18°F Pipestone 15°F It is somewhat remarkable that record low temperatures were set without snow cover, but the atmosphere has been exceptionally dry this week, with afternoon relative humidity values ranging from 15 to 25 percent. This allows the temperatures to cool off dramatically at night. The wide swings in temperature have some

Wet April Helping to Ease Drought (A Drought Vaccination)

 Wet April Helping to Ease Drought (A Drought Vaccination): Over 40 Minnesota climate stations have set or tied daily precipitation records so far this month. Portions of Stearns, Grant, St Louis, Douglas, Swift, and Big Stone Counties have received over 4 inches of precipitation through the first half of April, and a couple of climate stations have reported over 5 inches. The unlikely dry spot in the state is Preston (Fillmore County) with only 0.26 inches. Earlier this week over April 13-14 some parts of central and northern Minnesota saw snow. Some climate stations reported 2-3 inches, while Brainerd reported 4.1 inches. All of the rainfall so far this month has helped to shrink the area of Minnesota landscape that is designated to be in moderate to severe drought (mostly far western and northern counties). Just over the past week this area declined by two-thirds thanks to some surplus rains (over 1.5 inches in many areas). The abundant rainfall is working as a drought vac

Record Warmth Then April Showers

Record Warmth Then April Showers: Following a warm and sunny Easter Weekend, temperatures on Monday, April 5th bounced up even higher surpassing 80°F at over 60 locations and setting new daily record highs for the date at 44 long term climate stations in Minnesota. The high temperature of 88°F reported at Granite Falls and Redwood Falls tied the all-time state record high set at Madison (Lac Qui Parle County) in 1991. For many communities the temperatures on April 5th marked the warmest such readings for so early in the spring. A more comprehensive look at the record-setting day was reported by the Minnesota State Climatology Office website. The record warmth also ushered in some very humid air from the south. Dewpoints rose into the 50s and 60s F for the first time this year. MSP set a new record dew point on April 7th with a reading of 61°F (old record was 54°F in 2001). MSP also set a new record dew point on April 8th with a reading of 59°F (old record was 58°F back in 1903)