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Lack of Sunshine Documented

Lack of Sunshine Documented: Over the past week I have heard many people talking about the lack of sunshine. Indeed 22 days this month in the Twin Cities have brought mostly cloudy skies or completely cloudy conditions. And this followed nine consecutive days of cloudiness to conclude December in most places. The National Weather Service observations also show that fog or haze have plagued the Twin Cities on more than half of the days this month. Further according to measurements of solar radiation from the University of Minnesota St Paul Climate Observatory the solar radiation received so far this January is the lowest amount in the records for the month which started back in 1963, worse than the very dim Januarys of 1969, 1980, 1998, and 1999. There have been 9 consecutive cloudy days in the Twin Cities, Rochester, and other cities. The cloudiness has helped to keep the month of January warmer than normal. As is more commonly the case much warmer nights, and marginally warmer

Special Edition: MCAP Award Winners for 2019

Special Edition:  MCAP Award Winners for 2019 The Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership (MCAP) hosted the annual statewide conference last week on January 22 nd at the University of Minnesota St Paul Campus.   You can learn more about this conference at the Water Resources Center web site. Each year MCAP presents awards for outstanding accomplishments in the area of climate adaptation.   The awards cover four categories: Business, Institutional, Organizational, and Individual. I had the honor to host the Awards Program and I wanted to highlight the wonderful award winners in this special edition of Minnesota WeatherTalk.   You can read more online about the efforts of these people at the MCAP Awards Summary. In the Business Category we have a wonderful example of collaboration from diverse expertise, as well as deployment of interdisciplinary knowledge and technology that created the first biosolar roof top in Minnesota upon the Guardian Building in downtow