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Preliminary Climate Summary for June 2020

Preliminary Climate Summary for June 2020: With just four days left in the month, we can summarize the climate for the month of June: very warm; and very mixed rainfall amounts. On a statewide basis this June is the warmest since 1995 and either the 7th or 8th warmest in state history back to 1895, with a mean monthly temperature near 68°F Within the Minnesota climate network 75 daily maximum temperature records were tied or set this month, along with 66 records tied or broken for warm overnight minimum temperatures, including 77° at Milan and Canby on June 8th. Average temperature for the month ranged from 3 to 5 degrees F above normal. Extremes for the month ranged from 102°F at Granite Falls (Yellow Medicine County) on June 7th to 29°F at Cotton (St Louis County) and Seagull Lake (Cook County) on June 13th. Rainfall for the month was highly variable. In the northwest and southeast counties many climate stations reported well above normal rainfall amounts ranging from 6-9 inch

Heat and Wind Persist in June

Heat and Wind Persist in June: The stubborn weather pattern of June continues to bring above normal temperatures to most of Minnesota with winds that are stronger than normal. Many farmers will attest to the fact that it has been difficult to find suitable days with low wind speeds so that they can spray for weeds. Many climate stations have already reported six days this June with temperatures in the 90s F, and several overnight low temperatures that remained in the 70s F. Of course, being Minnesota there are a few places in the northeastern part of the state that still reported frost last Saturday and Sunday, but most places have seen warm overnight low temperatures recently. Through the first 18 days of the month many communities have seen an average June temperature that ranges from 4 to 7 degrees F warmer than normal, and for the Twin Cities this June ranks so far among the warmest 10 percent historically. The windiness continues to be remarkable for the month, though it h

Warmest Start to June Since 1959

Warmest Start to June Since 1959: Has heat this month so far bothered you? I have heard many complaints about it, especially after experiencing a cooler than normal April and May. The average temperature for the first ten days of June was 5 to 9°F above normal and the warmest since 1959 across Minnesota. In the Twin Cities Climate record back to 1873 only 1959 and 1933 were warmer. Since June 1st over 80 new daily high maximum and minimum temperature records have been set within the Minnesota climate station network, including a new high minimum temperature of 74°F at MSP on the 8th. Both Milan and Canby set new high minimum temperatures on that date as well with readings of 77°F. Sabin (Clay County), Artichoke Lake (Big Stone County), Milan (Chippewa County), and Morris (Stevens County) all hit 100 degrees F earlier this week, the highest statewide temperatures so far this year. The cool breezes and lower dew points brought by Canadian high pressure on Wednesday and Thursday b