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Snowfall Updates

Snowfall Updates: Even before Friday morning's snowfall totals (March 10), it appears that this month will be a snowy one at least to the middle of the month, by which time many climate stations will already report above normal snowfall for the month. So far, Sabin (Clay County) reports over 15 inches, Wheaton (Traverse County) over 14 inches, Collegeville (Stearns County) over 11 inches, and Duluth over 10 inches. For the 2022-2023 snow season, at least 70 climate stations have reported 70 or more inches of snowfall (including MSP). Wolf Ridge Enviironmental Learning Center near Finland (Lake County) is at 113 inches, Two Harbors is over 105 inches, and Duluth about 103 inches. With the abundant snow cover across the state, the Spring season thaw rate will be important, along with how rainy it is in late March and April in determining the threat of snowmelt flooding on the major river basins. These are factors that will be watched closely. NOAA updated the Spring Flood Outl

February Climate Summary

February Climate Summary: Average monthly temperatures for February around the state were mixed. Some areas, especially in the north reported slightly cooler than normal mean monthly temperatures, many stations were close to normal, and some southern stations were slightly warmer than normal for the month. Monthly extremes of temperature ranged from 54°F at Red Lake Falls (Red Lake County) on February 14th to -39°F at Kabetogama (St Louis County) on February 4th. Minnesota reported the coldest temperature in the 48 contiguous states 5 times during the month. Except for northwestern counties which were drier than normal (many reporting less than half of an inch of precipitation for the month), most of the state saw well above normal precipitation for February, in many cases twice to three times normal. The statewide average precipitation of 1.40 inches marks the 7th wettest month of February in history. Wettest areas of the state were in central and southern counties. Stillwater,