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Potential Record Driest June for Some

Potential Record Driest June for Some: Last weekend brought some welcome rain to many parts of the state. Though highly variable, many areas received over half an inch, while others, especially in southern and eastern counties reported between 1 and 1.5 inches. On the high-end portions of Steele and Winona Counties reported over 2 inches. On the other hand, many western, far northern, and some central counties were left without rainfall, or with very little (less than a tenth of an inch). In fact, a number of long-term climate stations are threatening to set records for the driest month of June in their history. The list below shows some of them.  Browns Valley (Traverse County) for June so far 0.35”, record driest 0.57” in 1988 Jordan (Scott County) for June so far 0.22”, record driest 0.29” in 1988 Windom (Cottonwood County) for June so far 0.38”, record driest 0.96” in 1988 Willmar (Kandiyohi County) for June so far 0.27”, record driest 0.43” in 1900 Lamberton (Redwood County)

Record Temperatures from the First Half of June

Record Temperatures from the First Half of June: For only the third time in state history June 1-15 brought a statewide mean temperature over 70°F. Here are the top 3 warmest June 1-15 periods based on statewide averaging: 1. 2021 73.4°F 2. 1988 71.1°F 3. 1976 70.9°F The associated statewide average rainfall for the first half of June with these three years: 0.47 inches in 2021 0.62 inches in 1988 1.93 inches in 1976 Both 1976 and 1988 produced mid to late summer severe drought across much of the state. So far, a number of climate stations in Minnesota are averaging 80°F or greater for the month. The second half of June will see some moderation in temperature, and even a few days that bring below normal values. But it is likely this June as a whole will be ranked among the top three warmest in history. Within the Minnesota climate network 233 daily maximum temperature records were set or tied during the first half of the month, including some th

Record Heat for Early June

Record Heat for Early June: Heat has been the dominant signature of the weather pattern across Minnesota over the first 10 days of June. In fact, based on average temperatures reported from all the climate stations in the state it has been the hottest first 10 days of June in state history, with temperatures ranging from 11 to 14 degrees above normal for the entire 10 day period, and up to 23 degrees above normal on individual days. At least 35 climate stations have reported a maximum temperature of 100°F this week, with many overnight low temperatures remaining in the 70s F. Dew points have gradually increased over the week from the 40s and 50s F to the 60s F and even near 70°F, making the Heat Index approach or exceed 100 degrees in places. Some Heat Index values ranged from 105 to 110 degrees F this week. Within the Minnesota climate station network over 300 new daily warm maximum and warm minimum temperature records were set, including a reading of 98°F at International Falls