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Wet Year Continues for Northern Locations

Wet Year Continues for Northern Locations: November has turned wetter than normal, a partial relief for much of Minnesota where drought has mostly prevailed. But at some northern Minnesota climate stations 2022 has been a wet year throughout. Places like International Falls, Grand Portage, Tower, and Wolf Ridge ELC have already seen over 10 inches of snow this month and continue to have above normal precipitation totals for the year. Grand Portage with a total of 35.89 inches and Tower with a total of 35.75 inches for 2022 a re racking up a top ten wettest year historically. Further, Wolf Ridge ELC with 39.41 inches and International Falls with 33.71 inches in 2022 already rank among the five wettest years in history. Weekly Weather Potpourri: During this month where Seasonal Affected Disorder materializes for many citizens due to short days, cloudy skies, and cold temperatures, there is an interesting article provided by the BBC Weather Center about the overall effects of weathe

November Turns Wet

November Turns Wet: With nearly everyday bringing some form of precipitation to the state over the last week, most climate observers are reporting a wetter than normal November so far. Rain and snow have fallen in most areas, especially over November 9 and 10, when scores of observers reported 1 to 2 inches of precipitation. In fact, several climate stations reported new daily record values for November 10th, including: 1.66 inches at Dawson 1.35 inches at Milan 1.50 inches at Artichoke Lake 1.59 inches at Mora 1.67 inches at Isle 1.87 inches at Cloquet 1.35 inches at Hibbing 1.27 inches at Brainerd 1.92 inches at Two Harbors Thanks to the wet spell, many places in central and northern Minnesota report over twice normal precipitation for the month so far, some between 2 and 4 inches. Wolf Ridge (Lake County) along the north shore of Lake Superior reports 5.06 inches of precipitation so far, their 2nd wettest November in history. Snowfall has been abundant too this week, especially

Year of High Winds Continues in November

Year of High Winds Continues in November: Historically, November is the 2nd windiest month of the year across Minnesota (trailing only April). As noted from many previous months this year, strong winds so far this month have been very much a topic of conversation. Sunday, November 6th brought hour upon hour of wind gusts over 40 mph to most places in Minnesota. At least 20 communities reported wind gusts over 50 mph. with 56 mph observed at MSP and 52 mph at Rochester. Moorhead recorded a gust of 63 mph. On Thursday, November 10th strong winds with gusts of 40 to 50 mph blew across northern Minnesota with mixed precipitation. Portions of the Red River Valley were under a blizzard warning as visibility was greatly diminished. So far, half of the days this month have brought wind gusts of 30 mph or greater to many places. Much of the windiness ushered in high temperatures and dew points. Many climate stations are reporting average temperatures through the first 10 days of Novembe