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June off to a mixed start

June off to a mixed start

Following a near historic warm May (4th warmest in state history), through the first week of June the pattern of temperature across Minnesota is mixed with near normal or cooler than normal temperatures dominating northern counties and above normal temperatures prevalent across the central and southern counties. Fifteen climate stations in the south have already seen 90 degrees F or higher this month, topped by 99°F at Marshall. In the north as per usual Brimson, Embarrass, and Hibbing have reported frosty mornings in June with some temperatures below 32 degrees F. Of course bear in mind that those places in Minnesota have reported below freezing temperatures in every month of the year.

From the standpoint of moisture many northern parts of the state have already measured from 1 to 2 inches of rainfall in June, and a few places over two inches. Some parts of southeastern Minnesota which were very wet in May have seen little precipitation so far, with many reporting less than a quarter of an inch.

June is expected to continue to be warmer than normal around most of the state, and wetter than normal as well.

Weekly Weather Potpourri:

NOAA reported earlier this week that May of 2018 was the warmest in history on a nationwide basis, surpassing the record warmth of May of 1934 by 0.7 degrees F. Further over 8600 daily temperature records were set or tied during the month across the nation. Overall the minimum temperatures in May deviated from the norm, more than the maximum temperatures, a trend very evident in Minnesota over the past two decades.

June 11-13 NOAA is sponsoring a workshop in Flagstaff, AZ to assess “The Changing Southwest Environment: Trends &Challenges.” During 2017 both Arizona and New Mexico reported their warmest years in history. Along with increasing and persistent drought and increased fire danger there, state and local unites of government are giving more attention to climate issues than ever before.

The NOAA National Hurricane Center was reporting the Aletta was intensifying well off the west coast of Mexico in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. On Thursday it had reported wind speeds of 100 mph. Fortunately it was expected to remain out to sea over the weekend, though it will produce some large waves along the coastal areas of Mexico.

AGU provides a narrative and review this week about Michael Mann's new book " The Tantrum that Saved the World." It is an interesting read about the acceptance of climate change as an important societal issue.

MPR listener question:

Here in Dodge County we have hardly seen any rainfall so far in June. The boys in the coffee shop were asking if there has ever been a June with zero rainfall? We thought we would ask you.


To the best of my knowledge there has never been a June with zero rainfall in Dodge County, MN. However in Rochester during June of 1910 there was no rain at all recorded. One of the rare times this has happened anywhere in the state.

Twin Cities Almanac for June 8th:

The average MSP high temperature for this date is 77 degrees F (plus or minus 9 degrees F standard deviation), while the average low is 56 degrees F (plus or minus 7 degrees F standard deviation).

MSP Local Records for June 8th:

MSP weather records for this date include: highest daily maximum temperature of 102 degrees F in 1985; lowest daily maximum temperature of 54 degrees F in 1937: lowest daily minimum temperature is 36 degrees F in 1885; highest daily minimum temperature of 71 degrees F in 2012; record precipitation of 2.12 inches in 1918; and there has been no snow on this date.

Average dew point for June 8th is 53 degrees F, with a maximum of 78 degrees F in 1911 and a minimum of 31 degrees F in 1980.

All-time state records for June 8th:

The state record high temperature for this date is 102 degrees F at Chaska (Carver County) in 1985. The state record low temperature for this date is 20 degrees F at Sawbill Camp (Cook County) in 1935. State record precipitation for this date is 8.07 inches at Thief River Falls (Pennington County) in 2001; and no snow has fallen on this date in the state.

Past Weather Features

June 8, 1985 was the hottest in state history. Over two-thirds of the state saw temperatures soar to 90 degrees F or higher. Twenty-five climate stations reached 100 degrees F or greater. Fortunately temperatures cooled off into the 60s F by June 11th.

One of the stormiest and wettest periods of history in northwestern Minnesota was over June 8-11, 2002. Numerous thunderstorms followed the same path across many northwestern counties bringing 5 to 10 inches of rain. Portions of Lake of the Woods County saw up to a foot of rain fall. The Roseau River reached an all-time flood crest, as a result of these storms.


Continued warmer than normal temperatures throughout the weekend with a chance for showers and thunderstorms on Saturday, then drier Sunday. There will be a chance for more rain on Monday, then somewhat cooler temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday.

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