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Preliminary climate summary for March 2012

Preliminary climate summary for March 2012 What a month! More temperature records were broken this month than any month since the Dust Bowl Era of the 1930s. Within the USA it is estimated that 6,500 to 7,000 daily high temperature records were set or tied during the month of March. This compares to only 300-400 new low temperature records during the month, mostly in western states. Across Minnesota climate stations 424 new daily high temperature records were set and 327 new daily warm low temperature records were set in March, including 8 new statewide daily high temperature records,, and for many observers (MSP included) the earliest date for an 80 degrees F reading (March 17). In addition many observers reported the highest dewpoints ever measured in the month of March, some even in the 60s F. You can see more record setting temperatures at two web sites:

Mean temperat…

Records were made to be broken, but this is ridiculous!

Records were made to be broken, but this is ridiculous! March of 2012 is delivering once in a lifetime temperature records. It has surpassed June of 1933, July of 1936, and February of 1981 in the total number of warmest maximum and minimum daily temperature records set. At last count (as of March 23), the Twin Cities have seen 17 new daily record temperature values (both max and min) so far this month. Rochester and International Falls have seen 16 new record temperatures so far this month, while St Cloud reports 14 new temperature records. Even Duluth, which has a climate that is highly regulated by Lake Superior, has reported 10 new temperature records so far this month. You can keep up to date with these records here.

Imbedded in these record-setting reports are even more profound significant features: earliest ever 80 degrees F at MSP (80 F) and Rochester (81 F) on March 17th; highest March temperature ever reported from International Falls (79 F on March 18th)…

Record warmth continues

Record warmth continues Many observers have reported new daytime high temperature records as well as warm overnight low temperature records over the last week. Up north at International Falls, they reported new daytime highs on March 10 (59 F), March 11 (61 F), March 13 (55 F), March 14 (57 F), and March 15 (57 F tied record). Other northern Minnesota locations reported some remarkably high temperatures for so early in the year, including records of 65 F at Grand Rapids and 62 F at Hibbing on the 10th, and 66 F at Cass Lake, with 55 F at Embarrass on the 11th and 64 F on the 15th (incredibly high for a location that is usually the state's cold spot). Duluth Airport reported new record highs on the 11th (57 F) and the 14th (68 F).

Further south more records were set, with Moose Lake reporting a record high of 67 F and Hinckley a record 72 F on the 14th. In fact, many observers reported afternoon readings in the 70s F on the 14th. A record of 71 degrees F was report…

Warm March 6th

Warm March 6th March 6th was the warmest statewide in 12 years. Many observers reported daytime temperatures 20 to 30 degrees above normal. Several locations reached the 50s and 60s F. Among the warmest spots in the state were: 68 F at Minnesota; 67 F at Preston; 66 F at Winona; 65 F at Albert Lea; 64 F at Austin, Caledonia, and La Crescent; 63 F at Rochester, Amboy, Winnebago, and Fairmont; 62 F at Pipestone; and 60 F at MSP.

Kabetogama set a new record high with 51 degrees F, while La Crescent also set a record high with 64 degrees F. It was probably the 2nd warmest March 6th in history behind 2000 when a number of observers report 70 degrees F and higher.

In addition the warm, moist southerly winds brought near record setting dewpoint for the Twin Cities. The dewpoint reached 42 degrees F on March 6th and reached 45 degrees F on March 7th. For some southern Minnesota counties dewpoints reached the low 50s F before cooler and drier air settled in. The warm air …

A wet week

A wet week The last week of February brought plenty of precipitation to the state. Many observers reported six consecutive days with precipitation, along with some record-setting amounts on the 28th and 29th. A blizzard was declared for some west-central counties, along with the north shore area of Lake Superior. The blizzard left many Duluth residents paralyzed and unable to more about on Wednesday and Thursday.

Some records set on February 28th included:
0.83 inches of precipitation at Rochester
0.89 inches of precipitation at Eau Claire, WI
1.11 inches of precipitation at Canby
1.20 inches of precipitation at Milan
1.78 inches of precipitation at Red Wing
0.97 inches of precipitation at Chanhassen
1.48 inches of precipitation at Elgin

Some records set on February 29th (Leap Day) included:

0.78 inches of precipitation and 9.7 inches of snowfall at Duluth
0.51 inches of precipitation and 4.7 inches of snowfall at St Cloud
0.51 inches of precipitation at Rochester
1.63 inches of preci…