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Perhaps the season's last snowfall

Perhaps the season's last snowfall Earlier the week over April 21-22 a storm system crossed the state bringing snow to many northern Minnesota communities. Some received record-setting values of snowfall, including International Falls which reported 2.4 inches on the 22nd. Others reporting record amounts of snowfall for April 22nd included: Orr with 5.8 inches; Hibbing with 3.5 inches; Kabetogama with 3.0 inches; Northome with 2.7 inches; and Cook with 2.0 inches. The snowfalls at Orr and Kabetogama pushed their seasonal snowfall totals to 71.1 inches and 78.3 inches, respectively. There is a chance of snow overnight Friday and into Saturday morning to start this weekend, but after that the climate outlook favors above normal temperatures through early May, and it is likely this is the last measurable snowfall threat for our region.
Preliminary climate summary for April Average temperatures for April have been about 2 to 4 degrees F warmer than normal for the most…

Wind as art

Wind as art Members of the American Association of State Climatologists shared this web site recently. It depicts near real-time wind patterns across the continental USA, showing the animated streamlines (trajectory and velocity) in a manner that is quite artistic. You need the latest Chrome browser to view it. The data come from NOAA's National Digital Forecast Database. Give it a try.

Dew point records set, along with precipitation and snowfall records, April 15-16 Just ahead of the rain and thunderstorms over April 15th strong southeast winds brought in warm, moist air to southern Minnesota, setting new high dewpoint records for the date. MSP tied a record from 1976 with a late afternoon dewpoint of 61 degrees F, while preliminary data indicate a new dewpoint record of 63 degrees F at Fairmont and Mankato. In addition a new dewpoint record of 64 degrees F was set at New Ulm. These values occurred just ahead of the severe thunderstorms, hail, funnel clouds, …

Hard freeze this week

Hard freeze this week Several areas of the state reported morning lows in the teens and twenties F this week, the coldest temperatures since March 9th for many communities. The early spring advancement in vegetative growth had many concerned for plant damage, notably to flowers, trees, and shrubs which had already budded out or bloomed. It remains to be seen how many of the state's apple orchards were adversely affected by the freezing temperatures. Growers are cautiously optimistic that damage to orchards won't be extreme. Some of the minimum temperature observations included: 16 degrees F at Wadena, Windom, and Itasca State Park; 15 degrees F at Babbitt; 14 degrees F at Bemidji, Hallock, and Embarrass; and 13 degrees F at Park Rapids, lowest in the 48 contiguous states on April 11th. You can read more about the low temperatures on our web site.
Mid-April and still soils are very dry With field working season underway, and some of the state's 2012 crops a…

More temperature records to start April

More temperature records to start April Following a record-setting month of March, April started with some new high temperature records in the southwestern counties of Minnesota. On April 1st (April Fool's Day) Marshall set a new record with 78 degrees F, Pipestone had a new record 81 degrees F, Sioux Falls, SD set a new record with 89 degrees F, and Luverne set a new state record with a high of 90 degrees F. April 2nd brought more records with highs of 80 degrees F at Lakefield, 84 degrees F at Sioux Falls and Worthington, 86 degrees F at Luverne, and a new statewide record of 88 degrees F at Pipestone. And on April 3rd new temperature records were set with 79 degrees F at Redwood Falls, 81 degrees F at Windom and Pipestone, and 82 degrees F at Lakefield. Temperatures in southern and western portions of the state are averaging 13-18 degrees F warmer than normal for the month of April so far.

April 2nd also brought a round of thunderstorms to the state, some bringi…