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Preliminary climate summary for August 2012

Preliminary climate summary for August 2012 The mean monthly temperature for August was very close to normal for most observers in Minnesota, often plus or minus 1 degrees F from the historical average. Extremes temperatures for the month ranged from 99 degrees F at several southern locations on August 30th to just 33 degrees F at Embarrass on the 17th. Minnesota reported the coldest temperature in the 48 contiguous states on August 10th with a reading of 38 degrees F at International Falls.

August continued with a drier than normal weather pattern as most observers reported below normal rainfall amounts for the month. There were a few exceptions as Morris (3.26 inches), Grand Marais (3.39 inches), Winsted (nearly 6 inches), and Grand Portage (3.78 inches) received above normal monthly amounts.

Crop maturation advanced very rapidly during August and by the end of the month some corn fields were nearly ready for harvest, and soybeans were yellowing and dropping leaves.

Drought holding status quo in Minnesota

Drought holding status quo in Minnesota The U.S. Drought Monitor showed that the drought status in Minnesota this week remained about the same as the previous two weeks, with all or parts of 28 counties still affected by severe drought. Rainfall for the week ranged from 0.20 inches to over 2 inches around the state and remained very spotty in distribution. Most observers are reporting less than normal rainfall for the month. Some hail ranging from half to one inch in diameter was reported in central Minnesota communities on Wednesday this week, and on Thursday (Aug 23) the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for areas in Carver County (the first tornado warning in Minnesota since May). Strong winds were reported (62 mph near Hutchinson in some counties, along with intense rainfall amounts (2.85 inches at Watertown, 2.68 inches at New Prague, and 1.76 inches at Jordan). The outlook continues to favor above normal rainfall for the last part of August and f…

Beneficial rainfall for some

Beneficial rainfall for some The first half of August brought some significant rainfall to many areas of the state, and in somewhat heavy doses in places. Thunderstorms brought 1.56 inches to International Falls and 1.40 inches to Red Wing Dam on August 15th. Some areas south of the Twin Cities (New Prague, Farmington, Rosemount) also received over 1 inch from fast moving thunderstorms on the 15th. In addition some hail over 1 inch in diameter fell over western counties on the 15th.

Many observers have reported over 2 inches for the month so far, while some locations (Preston, Lanesboro, Caledonia, Grand Portage) have received over 3 inches, as much as 3.59 inches at Grand Portage and 3.57 inches at Caldonia. The rainfall so far this month has kept the Minnesota drought stricken area from expanding in size this month.

Temperatures are averaging from 1 to 3 degrees F cooler than normal so far this month. For six consecutive days over August 9-14 daily temperatures …

Lack of tornadoes in July

Lack of tornadoes in July The dominance of heat and lack of rainfall across the USA had a silver lining......fewer severe storms and the smallest number of tornadoes reported in July during the modern era with just 24 nationwide. In fact according to Dr. Harold Brooks of NOAA the USA reported fewer July tornadoes than the Canadian province of Saskatchewan which had plenty of thunderstorms and tornadoes (nearly 30). You can read more about this at the Climate Central web site.

August bringing a respite from July heat and dryness So far August has brought more seasonable temperatures to Minnesota, and thankfully moisture for some areas, including portions of some of the 28 Minnesota counties in severe drought status. Through the first ten days Halstad, Itasca State Park, Bemidji, Gull Lake, Cass Lake, Park Rapids, Ottertail, Redwood Falls, Worthington, Albert Lea, Owatonna, and La Crescent have received over 1.50 inches. A few areas have received over 2 inches includin…