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Top 5 weather-related events for Minnesota in 2012

A WISH FOR MERRY HOLIDAYS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MINNESOTA WEATHERTALK CONTRIBUTORS AND READERS! Top 5 weather-related events for Minnesota in 2012 The Minnesota State Climatology Office (Pete Boulay and Greg Spoden) put together the top 5 weather-related events for the year. The list includes:
1. Outrageously mild March, breaking the previous record warm March of 1910. Earliest 80 F temperature readings, earliest ice-out dates on many lakes, one of the earliest springs of all-time.
2. Northeastern Minnesota flood of June 19-20, concentrated in Carlton, St Louis, and Lake Counties where 8-10" of rain fell (Duluth). Severe damage to homes and infrastructure, FEMA declared disaster
3. Widespread drought, with over 83 percent of the Minnesota landscape in severe to extreme drought and most counties eligible for disaster assistance through USDA. Low flows and lake levels as well
4. Hot July, on a statewide basis the 2nd hottest of all-time (1936 is 1st), with Hea…

Heavy snow

Heavy snow Sunday, December 9th brought snow to much of the region, and some record-setting values to a few Minnesota communities. Among those with long-term climate histories reporting record snowfalls were: MSP-Airport with 10.5 inches; St Cloud Regional Airport with 11 inches; Montevideo with 12 inches; Milan with 10 inches; Chanhassen with 13.6 inches; Forest Lake with 13.5 inches; Marshall with 6 inches; and Hastings with 12 inches. According to Greg Spoden of the Minnesota State Climatology Office the 10.5 inches measured at MSP-Airport is the 4th largest daily amount for the month of December in history for the Twin Cities, trailing only 16.3 inches on December 11, 2010, 12 inches on December 28, 1982, and 10.8 inches on December 17, 1908. Many other observers reported amounts ranging from 8 to 17 inches. For some the liquid content of the snowfall was the greatest amount of moisture received in a single day since late July. Some of the record amounts of pre…

Mild Monday

Mild Monday Warm, moist air dominated southern Minnesota on Monday, December 3rd. Many observers reported daytime high temperatures in the 50s and 60s F (in the range of 20 to 30 degrees F above normal). Some observers reported new records for the date, including 63 degrees F at Preston, 62 degrees F at Rochester, Caledonia, Theilman, and Madison (tied record from 1941), 61 degrees F at Marshall, 59 degrees F at Austin, Grand Meadow, and 58 degrees F at Browns Valley. In addition, some observers reported record warm minimum temperatures for the date as well, before a cold front caused temperatures to plummet. Preston after setting a record high of 63 degrees F, fell to a low of only 14 degrees F the next day.

MSP airport reported a noontime dewpoint on December 3rd of 54 degrees F, breaking the record for the date of 52 degrees F set back in 1951. According to the State Climatology Office it was at least the 12th new daily dewpoint record set at MSP this year. Other…