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Roller Coaster Temperatures in December

This will be the last Minnesota WeatherTalk Blog until after the New Year.  Please look for a new one on Friday, January 9, 2015
Roller coaster temperatures in December:

Looking back at 2014 weatherwise

2014 Weather and Climate Highlights: I was asked to speak about this last week on TPT's Almanac program and I didn't get to cover all the weather and climate headlines from the year.  So here is my list:

-March 31st brought a statistical singularity, a tornado warning and a blizzard warning at the same time to Yellow Medicine County.  St Leo was hit by the tornado.
-Coldest year in Minnesota since 1996.  This is especially noteworthy since it has been the warmest year globally in well over 100 years.
-March 6th brought the highest amount of Great Lakes Ice cover since 1979.
-A delayed spring produced some of the latest ever ice-out dates for Minnesota lakes, including Lake of the Woods (May 21st)
-June brought the wettest month in Minnesota state history, with a statewide mean value of over 8 inches of rainfall, many observers had over a foot of rain.
-Glorious weather during the State Fair helped to bring about record-setting attendance
-A terrific month of October allowed m…