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NO Minnesota WeatherTalk Blog this week

Mark Seeley is away and there will be no blog written this week. You are welcome to browse the Minnesota WeatherTalk Blog archives, and examine the DNR Climate Journal. The next Minnesota WeatherTalk blog will be available on March 6, 2015.

Some Notes on Cold Temperatures

Some Notes on Cold Temperatures: Coldest air of the winter season settled over the state this week.  International Falls and Hibbing both set new record cold maximums on February 14th with a daytime readings of only -5F and 2F, respectively.  Gunflint Lake set a new record low temperature on February 15th with a reading of -34F, while on that same date 11 other Minnesota communities set new records for the coldest maximum temperature value including a reading of 2F at both Brainerd and Theilman.  On February 18th, Duluth tied the record for coldest maximum temperature with a reading of -5F and Cotton reported a new record cold daytime maximum temperature of -13F.  Also on the 18th Kabetogama set a new record low temperature with a reading of -26F.  Thursday, February 19th brought even more record cold: Cotton set a new record low with a reading of -42F, the coldest in the nation, and the coldest reading in Minnesota for this winter; Seagull Lake set a new record low with -38F; Brimso

Freezing rain, snow, and cold for mid-February

Freezing rain, snow, and cold for mid-February: The winter roller coaster ride continued this week with a significant warm-up over February 7-10, before a crash to below normal temperatures late in the week. Some observers reported temperatures over those days that ranged from 10 to 15F above normal.  St James reached 38F and Wells climbed to 39F.  The warmer air also brought more moisture and many southern Minnesota areas reported freezing rain or drizzle this week.  Scores of spin-outs and accidents were reported on roads and highways in rural counties and there were over 130 crashes on Twin Cities roads alone on February 10th. Northern areas of the state received some significant snowfalls.  Many observers there reported 2-3 inches, and some even more.  In fact some northern observers reported new daily record snowfall amounts for February 11th including 5.6 inches at Ely, and 5.0 inches at Eveleth and Gunflint Lake.  It is interesting to note that February 11th two years ago