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Preliminary Climate Summary for May

Preliminary Climate Summary for May: Though temperatures fluctuated considerably during May, most observers report a mean monthly temperature that is 1 to 2 degrees F cooler than normal. Extreme values of temperature ranged from 87F at several western and southern climate stations on multiple dates to just 23F at Isabella on the 20th. Minnesota did not report the coldest temperature in the nation on any date in May.  Multiple frosts occurred during the month, and some spotty damage was noted on soybean and sugar beet fields. The most notable feature of the month was surplus rainfall.  Most climate stations reported above normal rainfall amounts, and in some cases twice normal rainfall.  The wettest part of the state was across the central counties where 4 to 6 inch amounts were common.  Many places reported measurable rainfall on half the days of the month.  Over 40 communities reported new daily record rainfall amounts for selected dates during the month.  Some of these stati

Significant Drought Reduction, Followed by Cold Temperatures

Significant Drought Reduction: May 17-18 brought significant rainfall to many areas of the state.  Many observers reported amounts ranging from 0.50 inches up to 1.50 inches.  A number of observers reported newly daily record rainfall amounts.  Some of the record amounts on May 17th included: 1.45 inches at Brainerd, 2.33 inches at Montevideo, 2.19 inches at Moorhead, 1.58 inches at Pine River Dam, 1.76 inches at Winnebago, 1.75 inches at Cass Lake, 2.75 inches at Collegeville, 2.48 inches at Vesta, 3.22 inches at Morris, 2.33 inches at Hancock, and 3.65 inches at Lake Wilson.  Then more climate stations received record setting daily rainfall on May 18th, including: 2.10 inches at Hallock, 1.95 inches at Warren, 1.56 inches at Hancock, and 1.91 inches at Ottertail.  May total rainfall is significantly above normal now for several Minnesota climate stations, including: 6.21" at Moorhead 5.07" at Georgetown 5.98" at Artichoke Lake 6.48" at Cass Lake 5.32