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Warm, then wet this week

Warm Nights and High Dew Points: This week brought another round of warm temperatures to Minnesota, but more noteworthy for warm nights rather than hot days.  Several climate stations reported new record high minimum temperatures on September 15 and 16  (Tue-Wed) this week.  On September 15 new record high minimum temperatures were reported from Park Rapids (65F), Alexandria (66F), and Fargo, ND (69F).  Then on September 16th even more new records were reported from International Falls (66F), Duluth (67F), Detroit Lakes (73F), Itasca State Park (69F), Cass Lake (71F), Ely (69F), Little Falls (71F), Mora (71F), and Minnesota City (70F). The warm weather also brought with it higher dew points which reached into the 70s F on the 16th and 17th.  The precipitable water measured in the Chanhassen balloon sounding on September 17th was a record amount at 1.91 inches, a remarkably large number for the month of September.  This helped fuel some thunderstorm activity that dropped signif