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Snow Storm for Southern Minnesota

Snow storm for southern Minnesota: Portions of northern Iowa, southern Minnesota, and Wisconsin received a significant snowfall from a late season winter storm on March 23rd this week. Across the path of the storm snowfall amounts ranged mostly from 2 to 9 inches, with some climate stations reporting over 10 inches. Some of the Minnesota reports included the following amounts, with record setting daily amounts noted by an asterisk: 4.7" at Rochester Airport 5.0" at La Crescent* and Winona 5.1" at Caledonia 6.0" at Springfield 6.1" at Eau Claire, WI* 6.8" at Gaylord 7.0" at Hastings 7.3" at Jordan and Rosemount 8.5" at Zumbro Falls 9.0" at Grand Meadow 10.0" at Owatonna* (tied record from 1966) 10.7" at New Prague 11.0" at Ellendale* 11.2" at Wabasha* Water content of the snow ranged typically from 0.25 inches to 0.75 inches. But both Caledonia (1.29") and Hastings (1`.80") reported new

First warm, then wet

Last weekend produced some record-setting March high temperatures.  Some of those reported over March 12 and 13 included: 74°F at Madison 73°F at Milan, Marshall, and Pipestone 72°F at Wheaton and Browns Valley 71°F at Montevideo 70°F at MSP, Willmar, Mora, Redwood Falls, and Lake Wilson 69°F at Winnebago and New Ulm 68°F at Windom, Lakefield, St Cloud, and Morris 67°F at Ada, Kimball, and Moose Lake 66°F at Moorhead and Isle 65°F at Austin and Preston 60°F at Duluth and International Falls So far this month over 60 new daily warm maximum temperature records have been reported across Minnesota, and over 60 new warm daily minimum temperature records have been reported as well. Communities around the state are reporting average March temperatures so far that run from 11 to 15 degrees F above normal. This has provoked very early ice-out dates for many of Minnesota’s lakes, including Lake Minnetonka (Hennepin and Carver Counties), which saw loss of ice on March 17th,

Record Warmth on March 8th

Record Warmth on March 8th: Sunshine and strong south winds (gusting to over 30 mph) brought record warmth to many parts of the state on March 8th, just ahead of the passage of a cold front. The warmth was short-lived, lasting just 2-3 hours in many areas before the cold front swept through and dropped temperatures by 30 or more degrees F. Nevertheless record-setting new daily high temperatures were recorded at a number of locations including: 72°F at Forest Lake 71°F at St Paul Airport (Holman Field) 70°F at MSP Airport, Zumbrota, Rosemount, and Minnesota City 69°F at La Crescent, Jordan, Hastings, Chaska, and Austin 68°F at Mora, Moose Lake, Rochester, Milaca, Elk River, Preston, and Sandstone 67°F at Cambridge 66°F at St Cloud and Redwood Falls 65°F at Tracy, Brainerd, and Isle After a cold start, warmth has taken over as the theme for this month of March in Minnesota. Many climate stations are now reporting mean temperatures for the month so far that are from 8 to

Meteorological Winter and a cold start to March

Comments on meteorological winter: We just concluded meteorological winter (Dec-Feb) in Minnesota and a few comments on the prevalent weather patterns are in order. Enhanced by the warmest December in history the meteorological winter finished as the 6th warmest of all-time in Minnesota dating back to 1895. The average temperature for the three months was about 13°F warmer than normal. Only 1930-1931, 1986-1987, 1997-1998, 2001-2002, and 2011-2012 were warmer. Extremes for the winter season ranged from 65°F at Browns Valley (Traverse County) on February 27th to -36°F at Cotton and Embarrass (both in St Louis County) during the month of February. The warmth this winter was due mostly to unusually warm nights rather than unusually warm days. Total precipitation for meteorological winter ranked as the 13th wettest in state history. Many places reported over 4 inches of precipitation, much of it coming as rain rather than snow. Except for the north shore areas and some portions