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June Storms

June Storms: Storms late last week and earlier this week brought some damage reports due to hail, wind, and flooding. Over last Friday and Saturday (June 17-18), widespread large hail (1-1.5 inch diameter) was reported from 14 Minnesota western counties. Then on Sunday June 19th, large hail was reported from 10 northern Minnesota counties, including grape fruit size stones observed near Nisswa in Crow Wing County. Tornadoes were also reported that day from Wadena, Cass, and Itasca Counties, although all were brief touchdowns with relatively little damage associated. Strong thunderstorm winds (up to 70mph) knocked down trees and damaged cabins in Crow Wing and Itasca Counties, and a great deal of wind damage was reported from the Duncan Lake region of the BWCA, where some campers were injured and a man was killed by a falling tree. More details on these storms can be found at the State Climatology Office web site. Continuing this weather trend, strong thunderstorms brought rain,

Heavy rains dominate the week

The warm and humid conditions of last weekend help set the stage for numerous thunderstorms this week across much of the state. Recall that the weather of last weekend produced widespread readings in the 90s F around the state, including a record high of 98°F at Winnebago on the 11th, and a record high of 96°F at Lake Wilson on the same date. Many observers also reported near record dew points in the 70s F, leading to Heat Index readings over 100°F in many places. This represents a large quantity of water vapor which does not allow the air to cool off much at night. As a result, Tracy set a new record warm minimum temperature on the 10th, with a reading of 73°F. All of the water vapor in the atmosphere served as fuel for thunderstorms, which became widespread across the state over June 11-14. Over those 4 days many areas received from 2-4 inches of rain. A few highly localized amounts were even greater causing some short-lived flooding concerns. You can read more about the di

June frosts in the north country

June frosts in the north country: June 7 and 8 brought cold morning temperatures to many parts of the state, especially northeastern counties. Many climate observers reported morning lows in the 30s F, and several reported frost. A number of climate stations also reported new record daily low temperatures. These included: June 7th 37F at Kabetogama and Littlefork June 8th: 28F at Crane Lake; 29F at Hibbing and Orr; 30F at International Falls and Babbitt; and 37F at Sandstone. Actually frosts this time of year are not all that unusual in northern Minnesota counties, with a 10 to 20 percent historical frequency during the 2nd week of June. Heavy rains on June 9th: The heaviest rains of the month so far occurred on June 9th. Dew points climbed from 40F the previous day into the low 60sF just before the rains occurred. Many observers reported over 1 inch of rainfall, and a few southern Metro observers reported over 2 inches, including a record daily value of 2.52 inches at

May closes wet for some

May closes wet for some: The last week of May brought frequent, and sometimes heavy rains to many parts of the state. for some northern Minnesota climate stations it rained each day over the last week of the month. Sotty thunderstorms brought some new record daily rainfall amounts over the last day of May, including 0.99 inches at Lakefield; 1.67 inches at Hokah; 1.29 inches at La Crescent; 1.27 inches at Austin; 1.19 inches at Hallock; and an incredible 4.45 inches at Crookston. That amount at Crookston ranked as the 4th highest daily rainfall in history there. Thought most areas of the state recorded a drier than normal May, thanks to the high frequency of rainfall during the last week, a few climate stations reported one of their wettest Mays. Some of these included: Crookston 6.68 inches (3rd wettest) Lakefield 5.44 inches (5th wettest) Lamberton 5.56 inches (9yh wettest) Worthington 6.90 inches (7th wettest) Hutchinson 7.29 inches (2nd wettest) Stored soil moisture