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Preliminary Climate Summary for October 2016

Preliminary Climate Summary for October 2016: Continuing the year-long trend October was warmer than normal, with approximately two-thirds of all the days recording warmer than average temperatures. Most observers reported mean monthly temperatures that were 2-4°F above normal. On a statewide basis this October will be among the warmest 20 in history. Extremes for the month ranged from 80°F at Milan (Chippewa County) and Marshall (Lyon County) on the 2nd to just 18°F at Embarrass (St Louis County) on the 25th. For the first 10 months of 2016 the statewide temperature ranks as the 4th warmest in history. Most areas of the state reported at least one frost during October. Just a few areas escaped frost during the month. Some of those included the Twin Cities Metro Core, and some communities along the Mississippi River bluff country in southeastern counties (Winona, La Crescent, Minnesota City). October precipitation looks to be less than normal in the northern counties and muc

New Seasonal Climate Outlook

New Seasonal Climate Outlook: The NOAA Climate Prediction Center released the winter seasonal climate outlook on Thursday of this week. NOAA scientists acknowledged that they factored in the presence of a weak La Nina (cooler than normal equatorial Pacific Ocean sea surface temperatures) in the outlook. Although November is expected to start out warmer than normal the outlook for the coming November through March period mostly favors cooler than normal temperatures and above normal precipitation for Minnesota. Given the trend for such a warm year in 2016, this outlook is baffling in the context of expecting to see a reversal of this trend that persists through the winter. After all, over 72 percent of all days in the past 12 months have brought warmer than normal temperatures to Minnesota. New record high dew points this week: Strong south winds ushered in some warm, moist air over Sunday and Monday (Oct 16-17) raising dew points across the state to near record levels for thi

First widespread frosts of the autumn

First widespread frosts of the autumn: Since last Friday, most of the state landscape has recorded the first frost of the season. In many areas low temperatures have dropped into the 20s F, ending the gardening season. Nearly all crops reached maturity without any frost damage this year, and both corn and soybeans have been drying now nicely in the field this week. Early morning lows as cold as 28F were reported from as far south as Preston, Zumbrota, and Austin on October 13th. Up north in Clay County the Georgetown observer reported 25F on October 9th. Only a few places along the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota and within the core of the Twin Cities Metro Area have not yet reported a frost this month. Wet trend continues: Following a wet first week of the month (some reported record daily rainfall on the 5th) rainfall has been less during the second week generally, but some observers reported a half inch to over an inch of rainfall over the second week of the mo

Beautiful start to October

Beautiful start to October: Four of the first five days of the month brought either perfectly clear days or mostly sunny skies to the state with comfortable temperatures, light winds, and low relative humidity. Beautiful autumn weather prevailed and raised everyone’s spirits. This pattern conforms to a study of Dr. Donald Baker at the University of Minnesota several decades ago that showed late September and early October had the highest frequency of clear skies of any period in the year. Dr. Kenny Blumenfeld of the DNR State Climatology Office has updated the autumn climate pattern associated with clear sky frequencies in Minnesota. With the clear skies dominating early October, some of the overnight low temperatures have fallen into the 30s F. Such low temperatures were common this week in northern communities. Temperatures in the 30s F were also reported from Redwood Falls and Lake Wilson in southwestern Minnesota, and it was just 32°F one morning this week at Luverne (R