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August Climate Summary

August Climate Summary: Mean August temperature values from around the state were generally 2 to 4 degrees F cooler than normal. Only the second cooler than normal month in 2017 (May was the other). Extreme temperatures for the month ranged from 93 degrees F at Granite Falls (Yellow Medicine County) on August 1st, and just 30 degrees F at Embarrass, Brimson, and Crane Lake on the 25th. Some observers in St Louis, Lake, Cook, and Koochiching Counties reported frosts during the month. Minnesota did not report the nation's lowest on any date this month. The most noteworthy climate attribute of August was the rainfall. Overall the statewide average rainfall was over 5 inches, ranking as the 11th wettest month of August in state history. Some western and southern communities reported their wettest August in history with total rainfall values over 10 inches. Redwood Falls topped the state network reports with over 13 inches. They reported the largest ever 1-day rainfall on A

Record-setting wet August for some, first frosts in the north

Record-setting wet August for some: Over 40 climate observers across the state report over 6.5 inches of rainfall for this month, roughly twice the normal amount. With a week to go these numbers will certainly increase. For some locations it has already been a record-setting wet month. This is true for the following locations: Redwood Falls (Redwood County) 13.03 inches Granite Falls (Yellow Medicine County) 11.09 inches Montevideo (Chippewa County) 10.43 inches Hawley (Clay County) 10.43 inches Bird Island (Renville County) 10.41 inches Vesta (Redwood County) 9.62 inches In addition over 60 new daily rainfall records have been set this month within the Minnesota climate observation network. First freezing temperatures this month: On Thursday morning, August 24th, this week the first sub-freezing temperatures were reported with a 32°F reading at Isabella (Lake County), and just 30°F at Crane Lake and Embarrrass (St Louis County). At least 8 other climate stations repo

What a rainy week!

What a rainy week! Over the past week many parts of the state have reported rainfalls totaling over 5 inches. Thunderstorms over August 13-14 brought record-setting rainfall to some Minnesota communities, including: 3.75 inches at Montevideo; 3.00 inches at Alexandria; 2.20 inches at Windom; 2.04 inches at Long Prairie; and 1.38 inches at Grand Portage. Then even heavier rains came over August 16-17 this week, along with a few tornadoes in Nicollet, Sibley, and Blue Earth Counties, all very short-lived. The rainfall in these thunderstorms was record-setting at many locations, even more so than the rains earlier in the week. Some of the new record amounts were: 8.12 inches at Redwood Falls (many flooded basements); 4.11 inches at Willmar; 3.98 inches at Vesta; 3.66 inches at Marshall; 3.57 inches at Montevideo; 3.18 inches at Melrose; 2.88 inches at Pokegama Dam; 2.73 inches at Lake City; 2.67 inches at Pipestone; 2.66 inches at Lakefield; and 2.49 inches at Pine River Dam.

August climate trends

August climate trends: Since the record-setting cold August of 2004, the month of August has been warmer than normal 75 percent of the time (9 years out of 12) in Minnesota. Over the same time period the August rainfall has been quite mixed, with 3 years near normal, 4 years drier than normal, and 5 years wetter than normal. Last year, 2016 brought the 7th wettest month of August in state history, with average rainfall across the state totaling close to 5.5 inches. So far the pattern for this August (2017) has favored cooler than normal temperatures with highly variable rainfall. Brimson, Embarrass, Hibbing and Crane Lake have already reported morning lows in the 30s F. Thunderstorms over August 3-4 brought 1 to 2 inch rains to some parts of the state, and even set new daily records for some climate stations. Canby reported a record 1.87 inches of rain on the 3rd, while Rochester and Minnesota City reported record rainfalls on the 4th with 2.01 inches and 2.13 inches respectiv